City Cup Champions

Congratulations to all the winners of the first annual Utica City FC City Cup! 

7v7 Saturday

2012 Co-ed; Champion SDA, Finalist Coliseum Ajax

2011 Boys; Champion SDA, Finalist CNY Premier

2009/10 Girls; Champion SDA Blue, Finalist SDA Orange

2008 Boys; Champion SDA Blue, Finalist Coliseum Arsenal

2008 Girls; Champion Forza, Finalist Nomads


9v9 Sunday 

2010 Boys; Champion Oneida County FC, Finalist Fulton 

2008 Boys; Champion SDA Orange, Finalist Soccer Central

2008 Girls; Champions Ultrasonics, Finalist West Sharks

JV Boys Red Division; Champion SDA, Finalist Tillie’s Touch

JV Boys Blue Division; Champion SDA 06, Finalist Syracuse City FC

JV Girls Red Division; Champion SDA Orange, Finalist Forza

JV Girls Blue Division; Champion SDA Blue, Coliseum Devils


9v9 Monday

2009 Boys; Champion SDA Blue, Finalist SDA Orange

2009 Girls; Champion SDA 09, Finalist SDA White

2007 Girls; Champion SDA 06/07, Finalist Forza

Varsity Boys Yellow Division; Champion South Jefferson, Finalist JD Soccer FC

Varsity Boys Red; Champion Liverpool, Finalist JD 2022

Varsity Boys Green; Champion SDA 04, Finalist CNY Flash

Varsity Girls Orange Division; Champion SDA Blasters, Finalist SDA Blue

Varsity Girls Gray Division; Champion Clinton, Finalist SDA 04