Utica City FC’s inaugural season has been filled with incredible moments for the fans. From the first goal of the season, to the ‘U-TI-CA’ chants filling the building, ‘Sweet Caroline” sing-a-longs, champagne celebrations and dance battle celebrations it has been a storybook season. As we look ahead to playoffs we took a moment to catch up with the players and ask what their favorite moment of the season has been. Like most of us, they had trouble narrowing it down to just a single moment.

My favorite part of the season or any home game would be the noise our fans produce when we score a goal. It gives me chills and makes me want to score every time we shoot! The sound in the building when Freddy scored the game-tying goal against Baltimore was incredible.


Easily my favorite moment was hearing the various reactions of the crowd. Whether it was during the initial walk-out, after a goal, Viking chant or when they would sing in unison. The atmosphere at The AUD this season is something I will never forget. Our first win against Baltimore at home was also very special to me.

-Ryan Hall

I would have to say my favorite moment of the season so far has to be our first home game vs Baltimore. It was incredible to see the fan support and The AUD rocking and accepting us with open arms before we ever won a game. Then beating Baltimore on top of that was just the icing on the cake. But beating Baltimore in the playoffs at home will be my new favorite moment of the year.

-Nate Bourdeau

Favorite moment would have to be the first two home games. From the Blue & Black game to the first regular season game against Baltimore I knew that Utica had huge potential. That potential was fulfilled by the faithful fans this final regular season weekend at home. It’s electrifying to play at The AUD. Filming commercials is always fun too!

-Joey Tavernese

I remember our first home game and the atmosphere in the building was electric. When we scored the first goal the fans along with everybody else in the building went crazy!

-Darren Toby

One of my favorite moments this season was my first home game with the team. Since that day I saw that we had something special here in Utica with very loyal and passionate fans. Another great moment was scoring the tying goal vs Baltimore this past weekend. The crowd was so loud and they always believed in us despite the two-goal deficit.

-Freddy Moojen

I have two favorite moments. First one being how loud The AUD was for our first game when they were announcing the team. I knew from then Utica was going to be a fun place to play. My second favorite moment is the game in Mississauga when we tied and won the game in the last minute. In previous years, we would have lost that game and it instead showed us we could do something special.

-Andrew Coughlin

I’m amazed by the energy of the crowd every time we play. There is no greater feeling as an athlete than to play in front of a crowd that matches the players passion and will to win!

-Ben Ramin

My favorite moment was beating Baltimore away and giving them their first home loss in that arena. Scoring four goals in the game against Mississauga was a great moment for me personally. Being able to host a post-game party for all the kids was really special too!

-Bo Jelovac

I’m sure this is a common one but my favorite moment was our home opener against Baltimore. From the atmosphere to the support of the fans, it was truly amazing. On top of that, to get the win and see that this team could do something special this season was a fantastic moment for our team.

-Liam Callahan

Make sure you are with us on Monday, April 22 to make new memories as Utica City FC takes on rival and three-time Ron Newman Cup champions the Baltimore Blast in the second battle of the Eastern Division Finals. Tickets are on sale now by visiting www.empirestatetix.com. Should it be necessary there will be a Game Three immediately following the match.