On a cold day where the high temperature didn’t crack double-digits in Upstate NY, Freddy Moojen learned he would soon be making the 1300-mile move north from his team in sunny Florida.

Moojen was acquired in a trade on Thursday that sent Andre Braithwaite to the Florida Tropics. 

“It’s been very crazy,” Moojen said. “At the end of the day though, I’m very happy with what’s happening because I’ve known Ryan (Hall) and Tommy (Tanner) for a long time and I’ve always wanted to play for them.

“Now that the trade has been announced my phone has been blowing up. I feel very fortunate.”

Moojen was a rookie in 2007 when he first met Ryan Hall. “When I played with him I always saw him as serious and dedicated. He is a guy who wanted to do things right and always worked harder, trained harder and stayed longer. I’ve always admired him for that. I’m sure he is the same as a coach and it shows this year. I’m very excited for that. I cannot wait to have him as a coach, learn from him and help him on the field with my abilities.”

When it comes to his abilities, Moojen is described as a “true” target. “I keep my back to the goal and hold the ball up the field so our team can get closer to the goal and score,” the veteran of eleven years said.

“I’m very glad I’m going to an organization that is so serious about winning. Utica is doing very well but I want to bring something extra,” he added.

 When asked about the weather Moojen gave a slight chuckle. “You can tell by my accent I’m not from somewhere cold.” 

Moojen grew up in Balneário Camboriú, Brazil and has spent the last three years playing in Florida but he has roots in Montreal since becoming a Canadian citizen in 2013. He plans to move his wife and son back to Montreal before joining the Utica squad early next week. 

 “That’s another positive, I’m only a four-hour drive from family and friends in Montreal. They can come see my play. Everything is easier, but I’ll have to pick up my jacket and snow boots.”

Moojen did not make the trip to Utica earlier this season when the Florida Tropics played at the Adirondack Bank Center. His first experience will come wearing a UCFC jersey on January 27 against the Orlando SeaWolves, an opponent he is very familiar with. 

When speaking to future teammates about the team Moojen said, “Everyone tells me the same thing: ‘It’s amazing.’ The fans help the team to push harder, everyone wants to win. 

“They also say it’s cold… but I knew that.”