Mohamed Kenawy is about to enter his sophomore season after a standout season last year in Cedar Rapids where he earned an MASL All-Rookie Team Honorable Mention. The midfielder is no stranger to the indoor game though having had represented the Men’s U.S. National Futsal team on the world stage before his twenty-first birthday. Learn more about him in this exclusive Utica City FC Q&A:  

What were your first soccer experiences?

My father has been a great inspiration to me. I always remember when I started playing at about 4 years of age, my dad was a really good player and he helped me so much. I am fortunate, because he passed on his soccer genetics, skills, and knowledge to me, when I first started playing I just remember being good at it and loving it.

Who is your favorite team and player growing up?

Roma, and I loved Francesco Totti! He was such an amazing player! I watched him all the time.

Which other sports other than soccer did you play growing up?

Basketball. I really enjoyed playing that sport and I feel that Basketball and Soccer are similar in many different ways.

Can you share a couple of your best moments in your professional and college soccer career?

My favorite soccer moment was scoring a free kick against the AS Roma first team when we scrimmaged them here in Boston. Alisson Becker (Brazil's starting keeper who now plays for Liverpool FC) was in goal that day!

One of the best experiences from college was when I played at UMass Boston and we won the Conference Championship and had one of the best comebacks in the school’s history. We were playing Western Connecticut and we were 4-1 down and I scored a hat-trick. We ended up winning that game and the championship 5-4!

Who is one of the best players you have played with?

Without a doubt Miles Robinson. (Miles was an outstanding player at Syracuse University and was chosen as the 2nd pick of the 2017 MLS SuperDraft by Atlanta United).

What are your individual goals and team goals coming into the inaugural season at UCFC?

Individually, I want to keep on improving. I love learning and working on my game. As far as the team goes it’s really simple, WIN! If we work hard and focus, I have no doubt that with the team in Utica we can be successful.

Who is your favorite coach and why?

Pep Guardiola. He knows how to get the best from his players and his tactical ability is amazing. I love his perspective and approach. He emphasizes how his teams don’t just move the ball to move the ball, they move the ball to move their opponents.

What are your main strengths as a player?

I would say my technical ability and ability to read the game. I always look to utilize my vision, awareness and decision making on the field. I also love to try and get into 1v1 situations and take players on.

What do you do when things don’t work out?

I work harder!

What is your favorite movie?

‘Paid in Full’

What do you do outside of soccer?

I spend a lot of time with my dog. His name is Brody!