Earlier this week Coach Ryan Hall was named the MASL’s Coach of the Month for December. In their first season Hall led the Utica City team to a 5-1 start including an undefeated home streak during December. The effort has catapulted Utica City to the top of the Eastern Standings in the MASL. While Hall remains grateful for this honor he has his eyes set on the upcoming games and getting to the finals in May.

“Anytime you are nominated for an award it is a tremendous honor, but it is totally contributing to the boys and how they played over the month of December,” said Hall. “I thought they did a great job coming out and preparing during preseason and then the first two weekends for us were very challenging having back to back games home and away.”

Even after a hot start Hall isn’t taking his foot off the gas. He and his players have a goal in mind that is greater than just one month of play.

“I think the boys responded very well, but at the end of the day it is not how you start it is how you finish. As great of an honor it is to the be the Coach of the Month for December, I would easily forgo that to be a champion in May. There is a lot of work to get done and we have a big weekend ahead of us. We need to stay focused and conquer the task at hand which is Mississauga on Friday and Harrisburg on Sunday.”

This is Hall’s second year as a head coach in the MASL. Last year, he led the Syracuse Silver Knights to one of their best records in team history. Hall relies on his team to help him succeed especially the older players that have been in the league awhile and have won championships. He also has many factors that push him to be the best that he can possibly be for the team like the fans, a new city and the players that go out onto the field.

“I have brought some of my experiences in my playing days and coaches I have learned from. I also learn from the players, it goes hand and hand. I am here to help as much as I can with the guys in terms of organization and keep the on the straight and narrow and the tasks.

My success behind the bench is contributed to the guys that are on the field. They help me become a better coach and playing in front of crowds like we play in front of also forces me to push myself to become a better coach. I want to put a good product on the field for them and make sure Utica is proud of the team we are putting on the field. So far we are there but we have a long way to go before we can bring that championship home.”

Hall has had many mentors to look up to throughout career and help influence his style of coaching. He took a lot from what he learned playing with and for Omid Namazi.

“One of my favorite coaches of all time is a player who I played with, and then had him as a coach and a true mentor, he is a gentleman by the name of Omid Namazi, who has played professionally and is now in the U.S. National Team coaching ranks. I learned more in the few years I was with Omid than I did in the previous lengthy career that I had, he is a true mentor.”

He also bases his coaching on the style of Keith Tozer. While he may have not personally played for him he studied how he led his teams and used that to his advantage.

“I learned a lot by watching Keith Tozer who is our Futsal National Team coach and also coached the Milwaukee Wave for a lot of years. Watching his coaching style and how he got his players to perform and the style that they perform has really shaped my approach.”

 See Ryan Hall led the Utica City FC team once again on Sunday afternoon at the Adirondack Bank Center. Kick-off is at 2 p.m. and tickets are still available by visiting After the game stick around as Captain Bo Jelovac hosts a special kid’s day complete with an autograph session, concession deals, and many local mascots!