Utica City FC is excited to announce the appointment of Richard Shaw. Shaw, a native of Northwestern England and graduate of Le Moyne College has experienced a successful collegiate and professional soccer career prior to joining Utica City FC. During his college playing career, Shaw was an NJCAA Division I National Champion, All-American, and a three-time MVP. He co-wrote the bestselling book 'Coaching Outside the Box: Changing the Mindset in Youth Soccer' with U.K. sport scientist Paul Mairs; and this material has been endorsed throughout the world, including recognition in various national coaching curriculums. Shaw is also a commentator for Division I college soccer on ESPN and has developed several initiatives and programs to help develop youth soccer throughout the U.S.


What excites you most about being a part of Utica City FC? 

Undoubtedly, the opportunity to work with such an excellent organization while bringing professional soccer to this community. When you look at what Rob Esche and his entire team have accomplished within U.S. Ice Hockey, the prospect of bringing that approach to the MASL was a project I was immediately enthusiastic about.


How do you think your upbringing in Northwestern England will add to the Utica City FC brand?

Northwest England is home of some of the greatest soccer teams in the world, and growing up experiencing that culture and playing against the youth teams of the likes of Manchester United, Liverpool FC and Manchester City was a wonderful experience. However, observing and studying how these clubs have evolved in recent years in regard to their global branding, while still connecting to their community based fans, is extremely valuable with our objectives with Utica City FC. We want to help the continued development of soccer in this area while raising the bar in terms of what it means to be a member of the MASL.


What can fans look forward to for the inaugural season of Utica City FC?

Our fans can look forward to the excitement of watching professional soccer in facilities of the highest quality - while having a team represent the Utica community that will be working hard to bring success to the area. The MASL is extremely exciting and the action is non-stop. Therefore, I have no doubt that this new professional team will further the development of the sport in what is already a thriving soccer landscape.


What has it been like working for ESPN as a commentator for collegiate soccer? What will you bring from your experience there to Utica City FC?

Commentating on NCAA Division I soccer games has been both an enjoyable and educational experience. Producing live soccer content and working with professional television crews has allowed me to develop an understanding of what is required to broadcast high level content in an effective and powerful manner. I am looking forward to providing this energy and professionalism to Utica City FC and the MASL.


Tell us why a non-soccer fan should take a chance on becoming a Utica City FC fan.

Over the years I have met so many sport fans in the U.S. that have never really been exposed to soccer, but once they have given soccer a chance, they have really enjoyed it and become big fans of the game. I remember when I first came over to the States with minimal experience of Baseball, Football and Basketball. After attending live games and developing my understanding of each sport, I truly appreciated them and developed a passion to learn more. There is a reason why soccer is the biggest sport on the planet and why it’s the second most played sport in the U.S. Therefore, for anyone who has not really had too much soccer experience, I strongly urge you to give it a chance!