MASL Seeks New Commissioner; Thanks Schaub for His Service

MASL Seeks New Commissioner; Thanks Schaub for His Service 

Carlsbad, CA – February 5, 2021 - The Major Arena Soccer League (“MASL”) announced today the resig-nation of Commissioner Joshua Schaub effective June 1st, 2021. Schaub will resign from his role after five years at the helm of the now 7-year-old league. Schaub’s resignation comes mid-season with an eye on helping with a transition to a new Commissioner starting April 15th. 

“It has been my absolute honor to serve as the MASL Commissioner for the last 5 seasons. In our time, the MASL reached new heights and achieved measurable improvements every year in fan attendance, viewership, and ticket revenue. The original vision of building out divisions and a pyramid for arena soc-cer has also come to fruition. We are very proud of our accomplishments and I look forward to helping the new Commissioner take this league to the next level. I want to thank everyone that was part of the MASL during my tenure including the owners, the players, the league personnel, the sponsors, and most importantly, our fans," said Schaub. 

The MASL further announced the formation of a committee to begin the search for the league’s next Commissioner. The MASL Search Committee and current Commissioner, Joshua Schaub, will work to-gether to identify a new Commissioner and transition that person into the role with a target starting date of June 1, 2021. 

As part of the transition, the MASL will look to shift its focus from the League's governance framework and systems to sales, expansion, and growth. "Josh has been a tremendous asset to the league and we can't thank him enough for his contribution," said Lane Smith, owner of the Tacoma Stars and MASL President. "His work set us up nicely as we look to embark on this new chapter with the MASL and its new commissioner." 

The MASL is seeking qualified candidates who believe they have the skillset, experience, and aptitude to serve as commissioner. “The league has a solid foundation. It’s our task to identify an individual with strong leadership and communication skills, as well as the strategic mindset needed to elevate our game and product to higher standards,” said Shelly Clark, co-owner of the St Louis Ambush, MASL Secretary and Chair of the Search Committee. “The next commissioner must be able to identify and execute strat-egies that address the development and expansion of the sport, provide stability to the teams, and at-tract media and sponsorship engagement”. 

The Search Committee has an aggressive timeline to meet. The committee is currently accepting re-sumes, anticipate interviews will commence in March with the hiring decision to be finalized in April. 

Schaub will then have several weeks to work with the new Commissioner for a seamless transfer of du-ties. 

Resumes can be sent to 

League accomplishments under Schaub's tenure: 

  • • Oversaw a reorganization of the MASL as a 501c6 entity with a revamped league governance model. 
  • • Introduced a league wide P-1 Visa oversight program. 
  • • Led the creation of M2 and M3 subdivison leagues and the associated right sizing of teams to those divisions. 
  • • The MASL held its first All Star Game. 
  • • Directed the creation of and the redesign of the league’s IT stack and brand image. 
  • • The MASL signed its first national and regional television deals. 
  • • Ticket sales revenue increased over 20% leaguewide during his tenure. 
  • • The MASL continued international play including the reintroduction of Monterrey and Sonora to league play. 
  • • Commissioned the league during the reintroduction of historical indoor soccer brands Dallas Sidekicks and the Rochester Lancers. 
  • • Introduced Spanish language social media and dual language broadcasts for MASL finals match-es. 
  • • Led the launch of MASL Primetime, a weekly highlight show providing of an increase in media content. 
  • • Secured multiple partnership deals on behalf of league members. 
  • • Directed the establishment of minimum standards for broadcast and team operations. 

About MASL 

The Major Arena Soccer League represents the highest level of professional arena soccer in the world. The MASL features teams across North America, with teams playing coast-to-coast in the United States, Canada and Mexico. The MASL is currently incorporated as a 501(c)6 not for profit corporation formed to promote the business and sport of arena soccer.