Like most, Utica City defender Logan Roberts was shocked when it was announced that the Syracuse Silver Knights would be relocating to Utica. The change turned out to be for the better, like Clark Kent changing into Superman.

“When we found out they were moving the team out here, I didn’t really know what to expect,” Roberts said. “But last season went great. The community embraced us better than any of us could have really expected. This is probably the best thing that’s ever happened to this team, the organization, (general manager) Tommy (Tanner) and the rest of us as indoor soccer players.”

A key contributor to the team’s success, the 25-year-old defender noted that playing in Utica is different from any other place he has played due to the deafening noise and unwavering fan support.

“Home games were something special. We sold most of them out and the atmosphere was great every time. It was always loud and we had a really good record at home this season because of that,” Roberts added. “I think it was the best home atmosphere in the league.”

Aside from the home-turf advantage, Roberts’ acclimation to the indoor game lent itself to earning career highs in every category and an award-winning campaign as the team’s Breakout Player of the Year.

“I think the more I played and the more I was in the field with everyone, I got more comfortable,” he said. “I learned more about my movement and knowing where to be, so that played into my statistical success toward the end of the year when I started scoring more goals.”

While Roberts—whose goal celebration is a nod to Superman—might not be faster than a speeding bullet like his inspiration, he does use his blazing speed and athleticism as a leg up.

“I like to run and try to go by people, so that’s what I do when I get the ball,” the Syracuse native said. “I try to push it down the boards and get by people to either try to have a shot or serve the ball to the back post.”

Though scoring goals allows Roberts to become a household name and display his trademark celebration, he never forgets that his number one job as a defender is to slow down the counterattack and keep goals out of his team’s net.

“The mentality we carry is unique to us…it’s more of our style that we know that we are going to defend for 60 minutes,” the third-year pro said.

With some new signings, Roberts can prioritize defending while the new toys brought in my general manager Tommy Tanner and head coach Ryan Hall will be on full display in the front of the formation.

“They’re all great players, all of those guys. Zuñiga, and Moises score a lot of goals which will help us a lot,” Roberts said. “Moises played in Syracuse when I started practicing there my first year and he’s a very good player. I think he shoots the ball harder than anyone I’ve ever seen in my entire life.”

With another season under his belt, Roberts is poised to build upon what was a very successful first season in Utica. And there’s no reason to think that they won’t. Nobody has yet to find this Superman’s kryptonite.