Utica NY – Utica City FC flew out to California Saturday ahead of two meetings with teams out west. First up was  the San Diego Sockers. Utica City fell to a 5-0 deficit in the first half, and San Diego rolled to a 8-3 win.

In the first quarter, San Diego would strike fast. They scored first 2:08 into the game as Sean Callahan grabbed his first point of the day. Christian Gutierrez buried a pair of goals at 13:01 of the first and 1:32 of the second to make it 3-0. The Sockers would steadily add to their lead with goals from Cesar Cerda and Juan Manuel Rojo in the 3rd quarter.

Utica City got their first in hardworking fashion. Quentwon Swift scored off a diving header after getting a pass from Hewerton Moreira. UCFC trailed 5-1 at the half.

The 3rd quarter would be quiet. Utica City keeper Andrew Coughlin would receive a yellow card five minutes in, but hang on for a solid quarter and keep San Diego scoreless.

UCFC got the next two goals. Joey Tavernese buried the first with an assist from Hewerton Moreira. Pablo Da Silva would follow up with a smooth play from Bo Jelovac, to Moreira and then to Da Silva on a free kick. UCFC cut the lead to two with 12 minutes left.

San Diego would deal three daggers to seal the game. Tavoy Morgan, Luis Ortega, and Guiterrez had goals in the final 9 minutes to end an 8-3 win for San Diego

Utica City fell to 2-8 with the loss Next up, Utica City FC will play the Ontario Fury for the second time this season. Kickoff is at 10:05 ET on Tuesday night.