Veteran forward and captain Bo Jelovac committed to the City for another season of arena soccer yesterday along with the new signings of Ricardo Diegues and James Togbah.

“I knew right after the season that I wanted to re-sign and play another year,” said Jelovac. “It was a great experience in Utica for me last season.

From the owner to the office to the people in the stands I’m really proud to be a part of this team for hopefully many years to come.”

Jelovac is taking some time off from training to recover from the season and rest his muscles but he isn’t going far from the sport. Jelovac and his teammates will be teaching three week long camps for youth players this summer.

“I think it’s important for kids to stay active during the summer and get off the electronics.  I want to help teach them some new skills and have fun.

I know there were a lot of kids at our games this season cheering us on and I’m excited to spend time teaching them skills so they can enjoy the game more and maybe one day become UCFC players themselves.”

Looking ahead to next season Jelovac’s goal remains the same, “win the championship.”

The team added some key components yesterday to help reach that goal.

“Those were some great signings, I played against both of them. Diegues is a great target who is going to help the team a lot. He is very skillful with a great shot and I’m very happy to play with him this year.

“Togbah is a great defender, very strong with a great left foot. He can mark his opponent very well and is a danger going forward.”

As the team continues to build on last year’s success and Bo wants the fans to know, “I’m not going anywhere.”