Timmy Goldman Selected for MASL’s Joseph Cairel Award

Utica City FC Forward Timmy Goldman has been selected as the MASL’s Joseph Cairel Award winner. The Cairel award is for the player that most closely embodies what Joseph Cariel was known for. Being the player with the most heart, a glue guy in the locker room, and great in the community.

Cariel played for the Ontario Fury and Tacoma Stars, and passed suddenly in a boating accident in 2020.

“He fit right in with our team as soon as he arrived,” Ontario president Bernie Lilavois said about Cariel. “Always smiling, always cheering up his teammates. He was a hard worker on the field with some serious speed, and off the field was just a great character having a good time with his teammates. He was definitely a fan favorite and a great teammate to our guys.”

UCFC general manager Tommy Tanner noted that both Goldman and Joey Tavernese were nominated for the award, and said that is a testament to the character of the entire Utica City organization. “I never had the pleasure of meeting Joseph Cairel, but when speaking with members of both the Tacoma Stars and the Ontario Fury organizations, they both spoke of his great character, incredible work ethic,” Tanner said. “They say he was a fan favorite and really a person you wanted to be around. If this is what the Joseph Cairel award stands for, then Tim Goldman was a great choice to win the award. Tim has a passion for the game, a work ethic that is incredible, and really is a guy that makes everyone around him a better person. I know I smile every morning when I see him. I know that Tim will be honored and humbled by winning this award, but he is what the Joseph Cairel Award should stand for in a person. If we had more Tim Goldman's and Joseph Cairel's the world would be a better place.”