Utica City FC’s inaugural training camp kicked off this morning at the CNY Family Sports Centre in Baldwinsville, NY. Daily sessions will be held at the Syracuse-area facility beginning at 10 a.m. as the team preps for Sunday’s inter-squad match at the Adirondack Bank Center on Sunday, November 18 at 2 p.m.

The training camp roster consists of two goalkeepers, two targets, three forwards, four midfielders and six defenders:

  1. Andre Braithwaite – Target
  2. Lucas Heffron - Midfielder
  3. Liam Callahan - Midfielder
  4. Logan Roberts - Defender
  5. Cameron Schaivone - Goalkeeper
  6. Vittorio Petrera - Defender
  7. Nate Bourdeau - Midfielder
  8. Ben Ramin - Defender
  9. Mohamed Kenawy - Forward
  10. Frank Alesci - Forward
  11. Bo Jelovac - Defender
  12. Slavisa Ubiparipovic - Forward
  13. Darren Toby - Defender
  14. Austin Savage - Midfielder
  15. Andrew Coughlin - Goalkeeper
  16. Joey Tavernese - Target
  17. Stephen DeRoux – Defender 

“I thought it was a good start, we have a lot of new components here and new guys,” said Head Coach Ryan Hall following practice. “It’s good to get them all around each other and the skill level was higher than anticipated. Everyone came in shape and prepared. Now it’s getting everyone on the same page and fine tuning the details. For the first day, I thought it was great.”

Recent signing Andre Braithwaite made his presence felt right out of the gate. “He can strike the ball with both his left and right foot and he has a quick trigger, he can hold the ball really well too. He has been holding off two and three defenders at a time. He has a lot of technical ability. Very Impressive.”

Braithwaite comes to the team via a trade with the Kansas City Comets last month. “I think I am going to do well here,” said Braithwaite. “The guys are welcoming, as well as the coach and the staff. I’m looking forward to the next four months and being at my best and performing the way the team needs me to.  It’s a change, it’s a good one and I’m embracing it right now.” 

Veteran forward Slavisa Ubiparipovic was also optimistic after the start of camp. “I’m glad to meet some of the new guys we have signed. I like to see new faces because they challenge you in new ways. We need to teach them the systems this week but I know they are going to help us when the games start.”

The training session that started slowly as players adjusted back into the swing of things quickly became cutthroat when coach shifted into scrimmage scenarios. It is obvious these athletes are ready to compete. “I can’t wait for Sunday. Just to see the fans and all the support. The organization has put in a lot of work to this point and I’m ready to see it pay off.”